The moral investment, by Màrius Carol

I often have the feeling that in this quest to try to understand everything, instead of censoring what is wrong and putting measures to correct it, we prefer to channel complex issues by entering the field of moral investment. In the end, not wanting to stigmatize anyone, we are victimizing those who only respect the rules of the game and aspire to live in peace.

I read that the Síndic de Greuges of Barcelona urges the administrations, and especially the City Council, to set up specific spaces so that people can celebrate large bottles safely. And understanding the Ombudsman David Bondia’s concern for the leisure of young people, it disconcerts me to think that councils have to organize parties with alcohol in the street. Bondia distanced itself from the bottle racks far from urban centers, such as those organized a few years ago in Andalusia, which ended up becoming a nightmare.

But then, where do we place them? Isn’t it a direction doomed to failure to look for “safe places” to set up large bottles? What will we do with those who refuse to go to official locations? And in the event that there are neighbors in the vicinity, it is certain that the complaints against the City Council will accumulate in the courts.

It is a leadership doomed to failure that the Consistory look for places for large bottles

The very concept of a bottle does not seem like something that the Consistory should manage. Spain is the second country in alcohol consumption in the EU and 20,000 people die each year due to its consumption in our country. In addition, according to the survey on drug use in secondary education, young people start drinking at the age of 13 and one in three declares to have gotten drunk in the last month. Are we clear that the same institutions that campaign against alcohol consumption should organize the large bottles?

I understand the concern about the chronification of such practices, but the Síndic’s idea of ​​proposing alternative nightlife activities that do not involve excessive use of alcohol seems more appropriate. Bertrand Russell already wrote: “The wise use of leisure is a product of civilization and education.” Have we lost wisdom?

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